How Accenture defines the DNA of DARQ

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The new post digital era alerts companies that want to be competitive to differentiate. According to Accenture claims these technologies will help companies ‘drive the next waves of innovation and growth.’ Accenture, has named these technologies as ‘DARQ: distributed ledger technology (DLT), artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality (XR) and quantum computing ‘ respectively. Accenture’s report: Tech Vision 2019, describes DARQ as the collective set of technologies that can transform any company to a key differentiator of the post digital era.

Courtesy of Accenture

The world is rapidly moving toward a post-digital era, where leaders will need to set their sights beyond their ongoing digital transformations. With digital capabilities alone no longer serving as a differentiator, future-minded business leaders will need more in their technology arsenals to succeed.

Accenture: Understanding the DNA of DARQ

Accenture claims that 89% of businesses are already using one of the DARQ technologies. However, the collective power of all can transform any company to a key differentiator and grant ‘unimaginable power.’

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There is no doubt that technology is changing its shape as we know it therefore, businesses should adapt to this change to maintain their longevity. Adapting to these changes is not an easy process however, it is imperative, crucial and necessary.

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