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There was never a better time to become a member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) as it is the only organization that acts as a chartered professional body for managers. CMI offers memberships to managers of all levels (aspiring and existing) and equips its members with cutting edge skills to help them perform best.

Formerly known as the British Institute of Management, it formed the UK’s first diploma in management studies 60 years ago. Since then, the Chartered Manager Institute (CMI) has been constantly developing management (training and thinking). Today CMI is the ‘only chartered professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence.’ CMI is counting more than 100,000 managers that use its ‘unique services on a daily basis.’

CMI: About us
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CMI is offering a series of highest quality qualifications that come along with many benefits for its members such as better performance, marketability and higher earnings. Moreover, recent research reveals that:

Over 85% of managers agreed their management and leadership qualification improved their performance and by transferring their new skills to the work place, almost all have seen a vast improvement in their teams’ performance too. 78% of employers agreed that qualifications provide quality assurance for customers and that the benefits outweighed the time, money and effort invested in obtaining them. More than 80% of managers say that taking a management qualification has resulted in increased professional recognition, with most stating that employers prefer qualified managers when recruiting. This was confirmed by a further 53% advising that their qualification had helped them in gaining a promotion.

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CMI is dedicated to its vision to ‘Better led and managed organisations’, its mission to ‘Increase the number and standard of professionally qualified managers’ and core values that are: ‘professional, progressive, passionate, practical.’

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