CMI launches Management 4.0

Featured image: courtesy of CMI

CMI launches Management 4.0, to start a national conversation about the skills the next generation of managers and leaders will need in a workplace and world transformed.

Source: CMI

Courtesy of CMI

CMI defines Management 4.0 as management in the fourth industrial revolution where technology plays the most important role shaping the business landscape in a way that is new. Through this change businesses are called to demonstrate their compatibility to this change.

According to CMI:

‘It’s about management at a time when society is changing and becoming more diverse; when the workforce is ageing and where the demands and expectations of consumers and workers are very different to those of previous generations.’

Source: CMI


Management 4.0 themes focus around the key areas below as these are the main areas managers will need to respond to in the future as CMI claims.

Technology Transformed
The meaning of innovations (AI, automation, new ways of communication) for managers. Discussion paper

Patterns of Work Transformed
Working force flexibility and remote work.
Discussion paper

Leadership Transformed
New leadership styles and new leadership skills.
Discussion paper

Society Transformed
New challenges for managers deriving from diversity of population.
Discussion paper

Business Transformed
The meaning of technology for existing business models.
Discussion paper

Lifelong Learning Transformed
The importance of Up-skilling and re-skilling.
Discussion paper

There are several ways to get involved, please click the button below to register and be part of Management 4.0 campaign today!

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