CMI Manifesto 2019: It is time to eliminate the Accidental Manager

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CMI has just announced its new Manifesto that outlines priorities for the next government.

” To power the UK’s success
it’s time to eliminate the
Accidental Manager”
Source: CMI

CMI Manifesto 2019

One of the focal points of the Manifesto is that Brexit creates an uncertainty of Britains future relationship with the EU. As witnessed during the last three years of this particular uncertainty, there has been a lot of damage caused to “business confidence” and “cooling of investment decisions.”

To read the CMI manifesto for more information with respect to policies, and their benefits please click here.

Download CMI Manifesto 2019 |Courtesy of CMI

Therefore, CMI is calling the next UK government to take action and use every resource available ” to maximise the UK’s productivity and weather a slow-growth future. ” CMI is emerging the Upskilling of UK managers as this is “a key way of generating tangible economic benefit.”

CMI is calling on the next government to drive forward three key policy priorities:
Embed employability at every stage of UK Education
Drive-up management and leadership skills
Make the UK No.1 for Inclusive Workplaces

Source : CMI

Watch CMI Chief Executive, Ann Francke, explaining the reasons she thinks that now is the time for the next government to transform management and leadership in the UK.

CMI Chief Executive, Ann Francke, explains why she thinks that now is the time for the next government to transform management and leadership in the UK. | Courtesy of CMI

To power the UK’s success, it’s time to eliminate the Accidental Manager

Ann Francke, CEO CMI

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Source: CMI Manifesto 2019