Decentraland (second) art week 2021

Featured image courtesy of Decetraland

Today is the 8th day of the Decentraland art week 2021 and the beginning of the second week that starts with the AvantGarde launch party. According to Decentraland: “AvantGarde is an upcoming generative art platform where you can mint unique NFTs based on your Ethereum address generated by deep-learning algorithms.”

Decentraland art week 2021 8th day AvantGarde. Courtesy of Decentraland

There is still time to register at AvantGarde, mint your NFTs and become part of the AvantGardist community. Registering gives users access to the lounge area that is restricted to minters, so users can meet and chat with other AvantGardists, find relevant collabs, bid at NFT auctions and receive an airdrop of DCL wearables.

Day 9

A series of upcoming Decentraland events are programmed to take place during the following days. So for day 9, the “art duo Hackatao features at M○C△ ’s intriguing Sculpture Garden.”

Decentraland art week 2021 9th day moca. Courtesy of Decentraland

According to Decentraland “M○C△’s Sculpture Garden in Decentraland features a unique collection of 3D objects in a surrealist context. The exhibit highlights Hackatao’s Leonardo Da Vinci-inspired sculpture, employing the same stylistic goals of this work: modernizing genius from the Italian Renaissance in a digital context.”

Day 10

The 10th day includes a presentation of a large-scale metaverse activation by (in collaboration with the 100x community).

Decentraland art week 2021 10th day 100xARt. Courtesy of Decentraland

According to Decentraland, apart from the presentation of numerous “cutting-edge artists, there will be a panel discussion exploring the future of spaces in the metaverse, wearable virtual fashion, music and NFTs, plus a round table film industry crypto discussion.”

Final day: After Party by Graffiti Kings

According to Decentraland, the “self-described bunch of deluded professional misfits the Graffiti Kings are a legendary collective of London street artists.” They will fill the virtual walls of the party with “colorful urban artworks.”

Decentraland art week 2021 after party. Courtesy of Decentraland.

Graffiti Kings will soundtrack the whole event where “house master” will be “DJ James Parkes” accompanied by the “former frontman for The Shamen, Ebeneezer Goode himself, Mr C.”

A small glimpse at the previous days

A series of events took place during the previous days: Day 1: a block party in Vegas City Arts Village, Day 2: Day 2 the Grand opening of Portion Museum in Voltaire District, Day 3: Playboy returns to Decentraland, Day 4: Music & Art Festival by Art District powerhouse KnownOrigin, Day 5: Proper Recognition exhibition by Ben Eine, Day 6: MakersPlace’s selection of artists and Day 7: Boxhead a creation of Spanish artist Begoña Toledo.

All things considered, the Decentraland Art Week 2021 is in total a magnificent event, that gives the opportunity to talented artists, technologists, and NFT enthusiasts to gather all together and share their common passion, NFTs.

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